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The Church’s “Family Tree” website is command central for your family history. 

It’s the site you use to submit your family names for temple work.  And, it’s much more…as you’ll see below.


The vision of Family Tree is huge: to build and preserve the family tree of mankind.

Basically, Family Tree is the online repository for your family history.  It lets you:

  1. Submit names for temple work — so you can perform the sacred temple ordinances for your family.
  2. Include Vital Information, Life Sketches, Photos, Documents, Stories, and Notes — for every person in your family line.
  3. Navigate easily — you can zoom in or out, and expand or retract family lines.
  4. Edit incorrect information — easily (once you figure out how to do it).
  5. Link to and upload Source documents — to show where the information was found, and that it’s accurate.
  6. Communicate and collaborate with others — so you can share information and compare research with others who are working on your line.
  7. Be notified of changes — so you’ll know when someone has changed information on ancestors you’ve placed in your Watch List.
  8. Store your information forever — safely, deep in the Church’s underground Granite Mountain Record Vaults.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it.  And it is.  Family Tree is open to everyone (but only Church members can see the temple ordinance data).

Here are two brief videos that give you an introduction and overview of Family Tree:

Here’s the link to Family Tree websites:

And, here’s the link to the Family Tree Reference Guide (168 pages):

Below, is a quick look at how Family Tree works…

Step 1 – Register . lds.org

Step 1 – Register On lds.org


Step 2 – Go To Family Tree



Step 3 – Start Connecting Your Family 

First…Add Your Children


Then, Add Your Parents and Other Known Ancestors


Step 4 – Check To See Who Needs Temple Ordinances

Look For These Temple Symbols

Temple Symbols


Step 5 – Select Which Ancestors To Submit For Temple Work

(Look for the “Green” Arrows)


Step 6 – Print A Family Ordinance Request


Take this Family Ordinance Request to the Temple

They’ll print the Cards for you



That’s It! You’re Ready To Go!









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